A day at the office

So, I have been at the new job for two days now and I didn’t realise there is so much to take in. One thing is learning it, the other is remembering it all!
This week is a training course, so I am learning everything about the company and the way it works. There are 12 people in the group and we all get along and just click. I think it can be very rare that you get 12 strangers that mesh well together, theres always one person you want to slap!

I have been quite unlucky with jobs in the past. I have been made redundant, hated an ex boss, hated another ex boss and got made redundant again. When I have not been in work I have had to sign on for a while and I hated it! I would go to the job centre filled with people who didn’t seem liked they wanted to work and then get told by an advisor I should do more to look for a job.
Now, I am not a snob in any way at all and I do not think I am better than anyone but I just felt so out of place surrounded by common sounding people who looked like they just rolled out of bed; and as for the advisor, she gave me jobs to apply for that I was either too good for such as work for a school leaver or jobs that I just wasn’t qualified or experienced in.

Everyday while I was ‘on the dole’ I would search the internet for the perfect job,apply for them and then get shot down when I was told I was not successful.
I have always used recruitment agencies and have been pretty lucky getting jobs through them but they have always been temporary. Now in this day and age everyone needs a permanent secure job. The job I have just started is a ongoing temporary assigment.. I dont quite understand that really but I am hopeful that the company would want to take me on in 6 months.
So fingers crossed that this is the last and only successful job I have until I become a well known writer!

Goodnight all.