Celebrity baby..

So, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West released the first photo of baby North today and there has been some mixed reviews.

I admit that being a fan of the Kardashians I was eager to see baby North sooner but personally I think it has been good for Kardashian/West to keep her under wraps for a while as they should enjoy parenthood while they can, especially what with her being their first.

Everyone thought they would do a huge magazine deal worth probably millions but I think it just shows you that they are not that money orientated and want the best for their daughter. Usually celebrities splash their children all over the front of OK! magazine for example before they are even a month old and get paid god knows what.

Non celebrities like us dont have children and call up a glossy mag asking to sell our baby snaps because we are short of a bit of cash and I am pleased that Kim and Kanye have acted like normal parents instead of ‘selling’ their daughter.

Take Rochelle and Marvin Humes, they have recently had a daughter and they didnt rush to show her off. They put a picture on twitter when they were ready and they felt comfortable with doing so. Celebrities should want to protect their children and want what is best for them as being a celebrity is hard enough, let alone being pressured to want to show the world their pride and joy.

I am a big fan of the celebrity world and love following most people. So well done Kimye for taking time to get to know your daughter before showing her off to the world. Oh and yes, North is beautiful!

K x